This post was updated on November 20, 2022.

How many songs on Spotify?

how many songs on Spotify

There are over 80 million tracks on Spotify, incl. 4.7 million podcasts (so that’s roughly 75 million songs). Over 60,000 tracks are added to Spotify every single day!

How many songs on Apple Music?

how many songs on Apple Music

Apple Music has over 100 million songs. The platform is adding 20,000 tracks per day! That’s A LOT of competition for listeners’ attention.

How many songs on Soundcloud?

how many songs on soundcloud

There are over 150 million tracks on Soundcloud but the count includes a lot of covers, mixes and remixes. Soundcloud grew from 100 million to over 150 million tracks from 2015 to 2021.

How many songs on Deezer?

how many songs on deezer

Deezer offers a catalogue fo 73+ million songs in their free plan.

How many songs on Amazon Music?

how many songs Amazon Music

Amazon Music offers access to 100 million songs. Amazon Music is included in the Prime subscription.

How many songs on Youtube Music?

How many songs Youtube Music

Youtube Music offers access to more than 80 million songs.

How many tracks on Beatport?

How many songs Beatport

Beatport, a favourite for DJs, offers access to more than 9 million songs.

How many tracks on iTunes?

How many songs itunes

As of April 2020, the iTunes store offered 60 million downloadable songs. Apple’s strategic focus has now shifted to Apple Music.

How many songs represented by ASCAP?

ASCAP represents the performing rights for more than 16 million musical works.

ASCAP stands for the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. It’s a non-profit licensing the public performance rights of its members’ musical works to a wide range of actors: venues, broadcasters and digital streaming services. It represents more than 875,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers.

How many songs represented by PRS?

PRS, the Performing Rights Society, established in the UK in 1914, administers the performance rights and mechanical rights of about 25 million musical works.

Conclusion: how many songs are available on streaming platforms today?

Based on the data disclosed by the largest platforms in our sample, we can assume that there are more than 100 million songs available on the worldwide web as of the end of 2022.