10 great-looking vintage turntables / record players you can buy today

At CMF Radio, we love vinyls. This physical music format is all the rage, not only among hipsters (we’ll dedicate another article to retro cassettes) and you might be looking for the perfect turntable / record player to spin your records.  We’ve curated a selection of great-looking vintage turntables / retro record players which you can find on Amazon, all under £200. Victrola, Magnavox and Crosley are the main brands in the selection.

All record players presented in this selection will play 33 & 45 RPM vinyls (some will even play the old 78RPM), they will convert your precious records into digital files (great to play MP3s on all devices), connect to external gear via Bluetooth and also to a pair of speakers (RCA output) if you want to boost the sound volume and get the – retro – party started!

Some of these retro record players will be reminiscent of the Golden 1960s, other ones of the early days of vinyl, the Art Deco 1930s, with a wood or a bakelite finish. We also have a few contemporary suggestions with a discreet vintage touch. There are some retro turntables with legs and other retro record players in vintage suitcases. 

Simply pick one of these gorgeous retro turntables to bring back the good old vibes of vinyl records. Best enjoyed with a glass of wine or a cup of tea! 

vintage turntables image_cut
vintage turntable

Our selection of vintage record players

If you’re in a nostalgic mood, here’s a great selection of 10 vintage turntables. Scroll down for our curation of vintage turntable stands.

white & yellow wood, with dusk cover, incl. RCA output

stylish suitcase-style vintage record player, 33 and 45RPM vinyls

feel like a royal entertaining friends in the 1940s with this retro gear

this vintage-looking turntable can become a piece of furniture

Crosley’s take on the iconic Bermuda turntable. Gorgeous!

you can play 33 and 45RPM vinyls and convert them into digital files

For less than £200, you can enjoy the full audio experience

another full hifi centre presented as an audio gem from the 1930s

this could be a gorgeous retro addition to your interior

If you love the 1950s style of massive American classic cars

Vintage record player stands

We’ve sourced a few great looking vintage record player stands, perfect for your retro turntable. Some of them can also safely store your beloved vinyl albums. 

This Mahohany record player stand holds approximately 75 albums. 

This open vintage record player stand holds approximately 20 records. It’s the perfect style match for Crosley retro turntables. 

another full hifi centre presented as an audio gem from the 1930s

this lovely orange 1950s industrial nightstand can also serve as a perfect vintage record player stand

Gorgeous triangle-shaped wooden turntable stand with space for up to 50 albums 

teppaz oscar advertising vintage record player
Original Teppaz Oscar advertising for the UK market, dating back to the 1950s. Marcel Teppaz (FR) sold millions of record players all over the world. Luvanis bought the Teppaz brand in 2010 with the aim to launch a new range of Teppaz record players.

if you’re looking for the iconic Fisher Price record player vintage, it’s also available in limited quantities from a few sellers on Amazon

Let’s finish this series of vintage record players with a turntable presented in a classic wooden retro suitcase

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