I ❤️ vintage radios & microphones

If you’re familiar with me, you probably know that I’m kind of nostalgic (even for the periods I haven’t experienced myself). That’s why I love vintage radios & microphones. The first picture of this post is a microphone I bought ages ago. It doesn’t work anymore but it’s among my most cherished belongings, along with a vintage radio I inherited from my grand mother.

The beautiful radio I inherited from my grand mother
vintage microphone closeup
My first vintage microphone

There’s something really special in these old – not so – mass produced appliances. A singular aesthetic you don’t find anymore in contemporary devices, in my opinion. I’ve curated a gallery of vintage microphone and radio illustrations to share my passion for these relics of the past.

Enjoy this journey into our musical heritage (if you’re passionate about music history, I urge you to visit The Musical Museum near Kew Bridge in London. An absolute gem!)

Vintage microphones

Sources (click on the links for more info. Some of these microphones are available for sale):

WNYC Broadcast Microphone

KDKA Microphone

RCA Vintage Studio Microphone

Vintage RCA Microphone

Vintage Shure Microphone