Behind The Pines, from Brussels with love

Behind The Pines on CMF Radio
I was introduced to the music of Behind The Pines by my friend Bernard Moisse (Intersection Booking Agency, BE). He suggested the band for a gig I promoted at The Water Rats in London in June 2019 (also feat. Joe Hicks and Alain Pire Experience). I was charmed by the guys’ attitude and their stunning performance. In their home country, Belgium, they were recently awarded the Decibels Music Awards 2020 prize in the category Rock & Alternative. Their debut single “What Do We Choose” was playlisted on a long list of national radio stations. That’s the first track we selected for our own playlist (watch the Youtube video below, as well as Eloise). There’s clearly something of Kings Of Leon in their vibes! It’s a real treat to listen to their tunes on repeat. We’re looking forward to their next releases! Stay tuned.