LOVERA, cinematically groovy

Lovera CMF Radio
I met Johanne Lovera in the mid 1990s when I was a student at the University of Mons, through my friend Fabrice – Boods – Baudour. Johanne was the singer of Popscene, a pop rock outfit quite popular in the south of Belgium back in those days. I promoted some of their shows and helped them record a demo, between a garage and a living room. I kept on following her exquisite musical adventures, under the moniker “Agent 5.1.” We recently reconnected via Facebook and she submitted a few songs to my fledgling radio operation. I picked two of them, Piano 2 and Eat Me. The second one was first played between Galliano and US3 in our daily Acid Jazz show. Not too bad for a track she recorded a few days earlier with no specific plan in mind. I hope she’ll release other tracks like these ones, cinematically groovy, absolutely perfect for our playlist!
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