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Romano Nervoso, raw power from La Louvière, Wallifornia

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I first met Giacomo Panarisi in the 1990s when he was playing drums for Hell Cats in La Louvière, BE. At that time, I organized a short tour featuring three Belgian bands, incl. Hell Cats, in Budapest. We had such a blast in Hungary! We stayed in touch over the years. I was impressed to see how Giacomo morphed into a charismatic band leader, fronting his now iconic Romano Nervoso. I promoted multiple gigs for them in various venues. You’ve got to see these guys on stage, they’re the real deal! The band has built a strong fanbase in Belgium and abroad. Most recently, I filmed their concert in Shoreditch (see video below). I’ve added their legendary “Mangia Spaghetti” anthem to our A-list, as well as their most recent single Babooshka, their own take on Kate Bush’s 1980 hit.
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