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Vacation, the everlasting blues rock icons from Charleroi

Vacation on CMF Radio
I have a very special connection with Vacation, a band originally founded in 1970 (four years before I was born!). In the early 1990s their manager Philippe-Henri Coppée, owner of a second-hand record store in Charleroi (Belgium) introduced me to the band at the Magic Pop Festival (June 27, 1992) where they were supporting Alvin Lee, Tony Joe White and Status Quo. Three years later, on January 26 – 1995, I invited them to headline one of my first productions, Le Festival d’Un Soir, at the Casemates in Mons. This was more than 25 years ago… The band’s line up at that time still featured one of the original members, Sonny Bono Ignoti who has since sadly passed away, as well as Alain Capitte, on drums, who also departed this life a few years ago… Fabrizio Carloni (vocals) and Thierry Limelette (guitar) offered us a new iteration of the combo in 2017 with Joel Podgornik and Ray Lix on drums and bass. They performed a packed concert at the Rockerill in Charleroi which was captured on CD & DVD (Back In Town). Out of the tracks they performed that night, we’ve added “With My Blues” to the CMF Radio playlist. The story goes on: Fabrizio and Thierry have recently been joined by new musicians to prepare an album due to be released in late 2020 / early 2021. I can’t wait to hear their brand new songs. Long live Vacation!