Best USB microphone you can get for less than $50 in 2020

If you want to launch an online web radio, a podcast or start live streaming on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch, you need a good USB microphone

There is a huge difference between the internal microphone of your PC / Mac, both on a laptop and desktop, and the sound quality you can get from a proper USB microphone.

Of course you could buy an Audio Technica USB microphone or a Blue Yeti USB microphone but these are quite expensive.

I’ve found the best cheapest USB microphone you can currently buy on Amazon. The specs are great and the reviews very positive (4.5 stars for 4,000+ ratings). 

Currently it’s priced under $50

It comes with a 5.9-Foot USB Cable. It’s supplied with a stable tripod and has its own volume knob. It delivers a smooth crisp sound to your favourite software. It’s plug & play and can be used with any DAW or other sound editing software (I recommend the free open source Audacity).

I think it’s the perfect microphone for starters, before considering the purchase of a more advanced microphone.