AUTOmagic – Peter de Cuyper

Hosted by Peter De Cuyper

Music & Talk

Country: Belgium / Portugal

Show description

AUTOmagic will feature 2 chronicles: “A Belgian in Portugal” (small funny, emotional or weird small stories) and “Guilty Pleasures”.

Every week a famous guest will reveal his or her Guilty Pleasures Song.
The playlist consists of music from all around the world but of course with extra attention paid to Portugal and Belgium.

It’s not a classical radio show, the songs won’t be announced but bound together by short liners.

UPDATE: during the summer season (July-August) the show will be focussed on exciting stories related to summer festivals.

Peter De Cuyper | biography

Peter De Cuyper, Belgian living in Portugal since 1995. Founder and Lead Singer @ BARRY WHITE GONE WRONG. Also active as Promoter, Booker, Concert/Festival Organizer, backing vocals @ António Zambujo and whatever is necessary as long as there is music involved.

“For years and years people told me I should host a radio show. Covid 19 offered me the time, so I finally did it… and now I’m addicted”

*Photo by Giovanni Dondi