Forgotten Gems

Hosted by DJ Boods

Music & Talk

Country: Belgium

Show description

Named after the Facebook group launched in March 2020, this show puts a nostalgic spotlight on bands and artists who could have made it much bigger than they did, owing to various circumstances. It also brings back great memories around less known tunes from major artists, in a wide variety of genres.

DJ Boods | biography

DJ Boods on CMF Radio
Fabrice – Boods – Baudour, aka DJ Boods, co-founded the band Popscene in Mons, Belgium, back in the mid-1990s. He was also the driving force behind the pop rock outfit Starving. He’s been involved in music creation and promotion for the past 30+ years, collaborating to major events and festivals in various roles. We’re lucky to have him on board as one of the main contributors to CMF Radio, for two shows: Forgotten Gems (Trésors Oubliés) and The Future is Now (Futures Pépites).