One Hour With Lili Caseley

Hosted by DJ Fred

Music & Talk

Country: UK

Show description

We’ve been following Lili Caseley since the first time we saw her at Camden Assembly in London in early 2019. She’s just released a brand new single “C’est La Vie”, which we play on CMF Radio (Tune Of The Week in late April 2020). She will choose all the songs of the show, give us some context about those picks, tell us how she’s been developing her career so far and share some of her exciting projects. Tune in on May 5 at 16:00 BST.

DJ Fred | biography

DJ Fred CMF Radio
Frédérick Tubiermont (aka DJ Fred) has been active on the music scene for the past 30 years, both in promotion and production. He ran 3 music venues and started his own label. He was a radio presenter and journalist in the mid-nineties on a series of commercial radio stations in Belgium but he did not pursue a career in the field. Frédérick decided to re-explore his passion for radio during the 2020 lockdown, launching CMF Radio, broadcasting from London. He plans to develop the station and its website as a platform for emerging artists, while playing the good oldies & the classics he’s been listening to since the 1980s.