Does Harry Styles write his own songs?

Does harry styles write his own songs

Yes, Harry Styles does write his own songs.

This was demonstrated during his time with the globally successful boyband One Direction, where he co-authored many of their well-loved songs, including hits like “Story of My Life” and “Night Changes.”

In his solo career, Styles has maintained this songwriting habit. He has co-written every song released on his solo albums, a notable example being his critically-acclaimed debut album, “Harry’s House.”

His songwriting abilities were questioned by artist Noel Gallagher who suggested that Styles’ songs weren’t his own creations. However, these accusations have been strongly contested through Styles’ collaborative work with various other artists, underlining his adaptability and significant influence as a songwriter.

He has co-written songs for a number of different artists, across diverse musical genres. Some of these collaborations include the emotionally-charged “I Love You” for Alex and Sierra, the enchanting duet “Someday” for Michael Bublé and Meghan Trainor featured in Bublé’s album “Nobody But Me,” and the catchy song “You’re Still a Mystery” with Bleachers.

His songwriting contributions extend to other well-known artists such as country singer Cam, for whom Styles co-wrote the reflective song “Changes.” Another notable instance is his contribution to Ariana Grande’s album “My Everything,” where he penned the touching ballad “Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart.”

It’s also been revealed that Styles has written under the pseudonym Mick Greenberg, suggesting the existence of additional songs written by the artist.

Harry Styles is co-writing most of his songs
Harry Styles is co-writing most of his songs

In his songwriting process, Styles often collaborates with esteemed songwriters and maintains a successful partnership with Full Stop Management and Universal Music Publishing Group.

Styles’ active involvement in the songwriting process is undeniable.

His songwriting talent and versatility are reflected in his own music and in the works of other artists, solidifying his position as a respected songwriter in the music industry.

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