Lewis Capaldi’s Netflix Documentary Will Offer an Intimate Look into the Singer’s Life and Career

lewis capaldi netflix documentary

Lewis Capaldi’s fans across the world are rejoicing as the Scottish singer-songwriter’s new documentary, “Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now,” is all set to release globally on April 5th on Netflix. The 90-minute feature is directed by BAFTA winner Joe Pearlman and shall be a treat for all the Capaldi admirers. Produced by BMG and Pulse Films, the documentary delves deep into Capaldi’s journey as a budding artist struggling with the pressures of fame and normalcy while working on his second album.

The documentary offers an unguarded view of the superstar as he retires to his Scottish roots. Co-financed by Quickfire Films, “How I’m Feeling Now” offers a glimpse into Capaldi as a person, beyond being an artist, making the experience much more intimate and personal to viewers. Capaldi’s fans shall appreciate seeing their favorite artist in a new light as he shares his personal and professional life with them.

Sam Bridger, the head of music film at Pulse Films, mentioned that the documentary is significant since it touches on the crucial issue of mental health, which is a pressing concern and not discussed enough. Thus, it is a must-watch for not only Capaldi’s fans but also music lovers in general as a comprehensive depiction of the music industry’s brutal world.

The trailer for the feature-length documentary is yet to be released, leaving fans and music enthusiasts excited for the surprises that await. In recent years, Capaldi has bloomed into an icon with chart-toppers like “Someone You Loved” and “Before You Go.” The documentary promises to offer an insight into the Scottish artist’s life beyond the limelight, showcasing never-before-seen footage from his journey’s initial stages as a musical artist.

As the release date nears, Capaldi’s admirers have all marked their calendars for April 5th, eager to witness the journey of one of the biggest names in the music industry’s transition. It is a significant marker for the artist’s personal and professional life and shall surely offer the viewers something intimate and close to the heart.

“Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now” is a documentary that promises to be insightful, informative, and inspiring. It shall cater to both Capaldi’s fans as well as everyone who wants to know more about the music industry’s veiled side. Fans can hardly wait for the documentary, and it is expected to create a stir worldwide after its release, cementing Capaldi’s already established place in the music world.

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