Recording Studios in & near Dallas, TX

You want to record a single, an album, a voiceover, a radio advert, a podcast or any other audio production in or near Dallas, TX? Check out our curated list of recording studios located in Dallas, TX and nearby. 

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XMG Studio and School of Music & Business
XMG Studio and School of Music & Business is a professional recording studio located in Farmers Branch, Texas, providing services for music recording and production, as well as courses and workshops in music business and technology.
XOvernight Studios
XOvernight Studios is a professional music and video production studio located in Dallas, Texas. Equipped with the latest in recording technology, experienced producers and engineers are ready to help you create the highest quality content.
Youth Struck Studios
Youth Struck Studios is a professional recording studio in Downtown Dallas, offering services to artists of all skill levels. Its modern technology ensures excellent audio recordings.

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