Recording Studios in & near San Francisco

You want to record a single, an album, a voiceover, a radio advert, a podcast or any other audio production in the US, in or near San Francisco? Check out our curated list of recording studios located in San Francisco and nearby. 

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Bird Records
Bird Records is an independent music label and recording studio located in San Francisco, specializing in artist development and helping musicians create high quality recordings. Our studio services include recording, mixing, demos, auditions, podcasts and voice-over recordings.
Buttermilk Sound is a premier recording studio located in South Beach, San Francisco, offering a wide range of services and the latest technology. Their experienced staff ensures a successful experience for all visitors.
Different Fur Studios
Different Fur Studios is a renowned recording studio located in San Francisco, offering clients a full-service experience with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of professionals who strive to provide the highest quality sound. From Grammy and Oscar-winning musicians to important independent musicians, Different Fur has helped countless artists bring their musical visions to life.
Disher Sound
Disher Sound is an award-winning audio team located in the heart of San Francisco. They specialize in sound design, composition, and voiceover for film and video, and their experienced team of engineers and producers are dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible sound.
Earwax Productions
Earwax Productions is a professional recording studio located in San Francisco, California. It offers top-of-the-line equipment and experienced staff to ensure high-quality audio recordings for any project.
Edge Studios Online
Edge Studios Online is a collective of artisans located in San Francisco's Tenderloin district. With an emphasis on quality and creativity, they create podcasts, music, comedy, and social commentaries for a unique experience.
El Studio
El Studio is a professional recording studio located in San Francisco, California, equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and experienced staff. It offers a comfortable, soundproofed space to create the perfect recording for musicians of all levels.
Elevate Recording Studio
Situated in the heart of San Francisco, CA, Elevate Recording Studio provides a unique and professional recording space, with experienced engineers and producers on hand to help bring your music to life. Its state-of-the-art equipment and comfortable creative atmosphere create a perfect atmosphere for music production, mixing and mastering.
Fillmore Recording Studio
Fillmore Recording Studio, located in San Francisco, caters to both new and seasoned music artists and offers top-notch recording and mixing services. Backed by experienced engineers and sound technicians, the studio uses the latest technology and equipment to ensure professional-level audio projects.
Gulch Alley Studio
Gulch Alley Studio, located in the Lower Nob Hill area of San Francisco, is a clean, safe and comfortable Music Studio Boutique. They strive to provide an environment where creativity can flourish and where every artist and producer gets the most out of their time, money and energy.
Handsome is a premier recording studio located in the Telegraph Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, offering state-of-the-art equipment and experienced engineers for a wide range of audio post-production services. Perfect for professionals and aspiring musicians alike, Handsome is the ideal place to create something special.
M Squared Productions
M Squared Productions is a professional recording and mixing studio located in Telegraph Hill, San Francisco. They are available for remote services by appointment and look forward to working with you!
Mothership Studio
Mothership Studio is the newest recording studio in San Francisco, located in the Potrero Terrace area. Offering a state-of-the-art facility and experienced engineers, Mothership is the perfect place to make your music dreams come true.
Music City Rehearsal
Music City Rehearsal is a premier recording studio located in Lower Nob Hill, San Francisco. With back-lined rehearsal studios and a secure environment, it's the ideal spot for rehearsing, recording, and making music.
Play Now Music & Media
Play Now Music & Media is a Chinatown-based recording studio offering a host of services from recording to mixing and mastering. Experienced engineers and producers have worked with top industry artists, and the studio is equipped with the latest technology and professional equipment for the best possible recording experience.
Pollen Music Group
Pollen Music Group is a professional recording studio located in San Francisco, California, offering a full suite of recording and editing equipment and experienced sound engineers, producers, and mixers. They specialize in producing high-quality audio recordings for a variety of media, at competitive rates.
Recording Connection Audio Institute
The Recording Connection Audio Institute is dedicated to providing the best training in audio engineering, music production, and EDM production, offering a mentor-apprentice approach with real-world experience and a variety of course offerings. Our students gain the skills they need to pursue their dreams in the music industry.
Rock River Music
Rock River Music is a premier recording studio in the CAL Fire Northern Region, equipped with the latest audio technology. Clients can expect professional, high-quality services from their experienced staff and engineers.
Sonic Inception, LLC
Sonic Inception, LLC is a professional recording studio located in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, providing top-of-the-line equipment and experienced engineers and producers. This studio offers a perfect environment for any recording artist to capture their sound.
stereoSAPIEN Recording Studio
StereoSAPIEN Recording Studio offers a full suite of remote audio services for musicians, film makers, and online media industry, using the latest professional audio equipment and post-production services to ensure highest quality audio results. Experienced and novice audio engineers alike are welcome.
Sub City Laboratory
Sub City Laboratory is a premier recording studio in San Francisco, dedicated to Hip Hop music production and offering a wide range of services. It is equipped with top-of-the-line recording and mixing equipment, and provides the highest quality sound and production.
Swell Music + Sound
Located in the Jackson Square Historic District of Telegraph Hill, Swell Music + Sound is a recording studio equipped with the latest technology to ensure the highest quality recordings. The experienced staff provides excellent customer service to help musicians, producers, and demo makers bring their sound to life.
Tape Vault Studio
Tape Vault Studio is a renowned two-room recording studio located in San Francisco's Tenderloin, which provides high-quality recording services for musicians, producers and engineers. Led by Chris von Sneidern, the studio offers a range of services from custom track creation to mastering and analog tape transfers.
Volume Music+Sound
Volume Music+Sound is a professional recording studio in San Francisco's Chinatown offering top of the line equipment and experienced engineers to help bring any genre or style of music to life. Come experience the Volume Music+Sound difference and create the best version of your music!
Women’s Audio Mission
Women's Audio Mission is a San Francisco/Oakland-based nonprofit organization focused on closing the gender gap in creative technology careers. They use music and media, and their professional recording studio built and run by women/girls/gender-expansive individuals, to inspire and empower over 2,000 underserved individuals to amplify their voices and become the innovators of tomorrow.

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