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Discover the story of the song > “Pareço um Menino” – Fábio Jr.

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Who sang "Pareço um Menino"?

Fábio Jr. released the song "Pareço um Menino". Date of release: 1994.

Release date: 1994
Duration: 04:34
The meaning of the song '"Pareço um Menino" ', based on the lyrics
What is “Pareço um Menino” about?
The singer is talking about how he feels like a child when he's with his partner. She has the power to change his life and make him happy. They argue sometimes, but their love for each other is strong and they always make up. Overall, he feels grateful for the love she brings to his life.
This explanation is based on the lyrics of ‘”Pareço um Menino”‘. The meaning is of course subject to interpretation.
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final cover Pareco um Menino Fabio Jr

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