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Who sang Waiting for Your Love?

Toto released the song Waiting for Your Love. Date: 1982.

Release date: 1982
Duration: 04:13
The story of the song ' Waiting for Your Love '
- "Waiting for Your Love" is a song by the American band Toto.
- It is taken from their 1982 album, Toto IV.
- The song was released as a single in 1983.
- It reached number 73 on the Billboard Hot 100.
- It became a popular ballad, very popular with Toto fans.
The meaning of the song 'Waiting for Your Love ', based on the lyrics
What is Waiting for Your Love about?
The performer says that his love for his partner is boundless and that he wants to show her how much she means to him. He tells her to stay strong, to be gentle when she speaks to his heart. He has waited for this love for so long and finally realizes that it was right there in front of him all along. He tells his partner to draw your line, to cross it, and to remember that even though the ten thousand miles between them may seem huge, she is never alone, he is always there for her.
This explanation is based on the lyrics of ‘Waiting for Your Love’. The meaning is of course subject to interpretation.
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Toto - Short Biography

Toto is an American rock band that formed in 1977 in Los Angeles. The current lineup includes Steve Lukather on guitar and vocals, David Paich on keyboards and vocals, and Joseph Williams on vocals, along with other touring musicians. Toto's music combines various genres such as pop, rock, soul, funk, progressive rock, hard rock, R&B, blues and jazz. The band has released 14 studio albums and sold over 40 million records worldwide, earning them several Grammy Awards and induction into the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in 2009. Their fourth album Toto IV (1982) brought them international fame and helped them become one of the most successful music groups of their time. The band's lineup has changed over the years, with departures and reappearances, and the death of one member. In 2010, Toto reformed for a short European tour, and in 2020, they announced a tour and live-streaming concert for 2021.
Image credit: Maltesen – Wikimedia
Story of the song Waiting for Your Love - Toto

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