My Rock Culture, with Alain Pire

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Country: Belgium

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A biweekly one-hour show re-discovering a collection of absolute gems from rock history, by someone who knows a thing or two about this exciting topic: the guitarist Alain Pire.

In Alain Pire’s own words:

“You can only speak about what you know and love…

I’m a child of the Sixties, actually of the Fifties but I lived the key moments of my early life from 1962/63: The Beatles, the British Invasion and all the culture around it.
I come from a modest background: my father worked in a factory and my mother stayed at home. Were I born 5 years sooner or later, my life would have been completely different. I was educated in a public school and it’s thanks to music and a few essential friends that I was introduced to a world I couldn’t imagine…

At the end of the Sixties, psychedelic drugs, Timothy Leary, Alan Watts, Ken Kesey and many others unveiled to me a brand new dimension, both spiritual and cultural.
This was the breeding ground of my existence, which naturally led to my thesis in cultural anthropology on the British psychedelic movement.

Musically, I’ve been deeply influenced by British rock music. I will spin a selection of tracks which have moved me all over the years.”

Alain Pire | biography

Alain Pire is the founder of Alain Pire Experience, a psychedelic trio from Marchin (Belgium). The band ambition is to restore the spirit of Psych outfits from the 60’s such as Cream, Tomorrow, Beatles circa 66/67, Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd, Blossom Toes, The Syn, The Open Mind … The first album “Cambridge” was released in spring 2014. The second opus from the band “Song from the 13th floor” was released in 2017 and the latest one, APEX, was released in May 2019, followed by a live album in March 2020.

Prior to APEx, Alain Pire was a member and/or co-founder of a long series of bands, incl. Jo Lemaire + Flouze, Huy!, Les Révérends Du Prince Albert, Abbey Road, Such a Noise and many more…

He’s considered as one of the best rock guitar players in Belgium and has a deep knowledge of rock music history (he wrote a thesis about British psychedelic rock).

We are thrilled to have him on board on CMF Radio!