Best cameras for live streams

the best cameras for live streams

I have a solid experience in live streaming. Last year I started capturing concerts from iconic venues in London. I described my personal live stream setup on my blog and this attracted some traffic for a series of live streaming-related queries. So I thought it would be worth elaborating on the topic, sharing my hands-on […]

10 great-looking vintage turntables / record players you can buy today

At CMF Radio, we love vinyls. This physical music format is all the rage, not only among hipsters (we’ll dedicate another article to retro cassettes) and you might be looking for the perfect turntable / record player to spin your records.  We’ve curated a selection of great-looking vintage turntables / retro record players which you […]

Best USB microphone you can get for less than $50 in 2020

If you want to launch an online web radio, a podcast or start live streaming on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch, you need a good USB microphone.  There is a huge difference between the internal microphone of your PC / Mac, both on a laptop and desktop, and the sound quality you can get from a […]

The best equipment for your online radio station

best equipment

If you’re planning to launch an online radio station, it’s important to choose the best equipment, both hardware and software. I will share my experience with you to help you pick the best gear for your web radio. For each suggestion, I’m providing links to check out the equipment on the provider’s website or on […]

A collection of vintage radio & microphone images

vintage radio and microphones

I ❤️ vintage radios & microphones If you’re familiar with me, you probably know that I’m kind of nostalgic (even for the periods I haven’t experienced myself). That’s why I love vintage radios & microphones. The first picture of this post is a microphone I bought ages ago. It doesn’t work anymore but it’s among […]

The exciting story of pirate radios

pirate radios story

The exciting story of pirate radios (1960s to 1990s) Most mainstream (commercial & non-commercial) radio stations as we know them today, offering a wide range of music genres to a national and international audience have some pirate DNA.  Kiss FM for instance, now a household name, was launched on October 7 1985 as a pirate […]

Movies featuring radio DJs

iconic movies radio djs

Iconic movies featuring radio DJs Pump Up The Volume (1990) In the early 1990s I was inspired by the movie Pump Up The Volume, which motivated me to start my own radio station at high school.  Pump Up The Volume, starring Christian Slater as pirate DJ “Hard Harry” is a moving testimony to the unique […]